"Digital Transformation of Electric Manufacturing Industry" special lecture was held in Guangdong Zhengchao Electric

PubDate:2019-12-24 Author: Sources: Views:14387

On December 19, 2019, the lecture of "Digital Transformation of Electrical Manufacturing Industry" by Lichi Software was held in Guangdong Zhengchao Electric. This event is the 200th of this series of lectures, and it is also the end of "Electrical Digitization Sermon". More than 70 people from Guangdong electrical manufacturing colleagues and our related staff attended the event.

The speaker Ling Yongzhuo, chairman of Ritsch Software, combined with his own experience and other manufacturing industry cases, shared a large number of wonderful "dry goods" for the "electrical people" present.

Ms. Miao Jinghong, Vice President of Phoenix Electric, presented the "Digital Pioneer" Trophy to Ling Yongzhuo in person, thanking him for his contribution to promoting the digital process of the domestic electrical industry through 200 sermons.

Our company, as a partner, actively participated in the preparation of the activity and cooperated with Lichi team, aiming to provide an open platform for cooperation and exchange for promoting the digital transformation and upgrading of regional electrical manufacturing industry and the construction of industrial ecological chain through this form.

Under the general trend of the national comprehensive promotion of the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry and industrial structure optimization, our company takes the lead in connecting with the development strategy of "Made in China 2025". As early as 2014, we began to plan and implement the project of "digital factory", which is one of the earliest enterprises in the domestic electrical industry to carry out the practice of "digital transformation and upgrading".

After nearly 5 years of efforts, our company has basically realized digital manufacturing. Next, we will continue to deepen in this field, integrate R&D, design, processing, service and management, and finally create a process-driven digital network. We will strive to become the "vanguard" of digital transformation and upgrading in the industry, strengthen cooperation with other upstream and downstream partners, jointly push forward key core technologies, and create a new digital future of the electric industry.