Guangdong Taishan Power Plant

PubDate:2018-07-31 Author: Sources: Views:13844

Guangdong Taishan Power Plant is planned to build a total capacity of 9 million kW, including five 600MW coal-fired units in the first phase, two 1000MW coal-fired units in the second phase, and reserve two 1000MW coal-fired units to cover an area, is currently the largest thermal power generation enterprise planned and constructed in China.

My company since 2002 for the power supply of 380 v low voltage complete switchgear nearly 700 units. Phase 6 and Phase 7 1000MW units were respectively put into operation in April 2011 and November 2011.

Guohua Taiwan Power has become one of the largest thermal power plants with an installed capacity of 5 million kW. It provides greener, cleaner, high-quality and reliable electric energy to the society, making great contributions to the economic take-off and social development of Southern Power Grid and Guangdong Province.