Congratulations to Guangdong Zhengchao on the successful operation of the first digital twin substation in Guangzhou --220 kV Modizhou Substation

PubDate:2022-03-17 Author: Sources: Views:9525

Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau's 220-kilovolt Modizhou substation in Pazhou has been put into operation. The station is the first digital twin substation in Guangzhou. It is also a lighthouse project of "Smart Grid Key Technologies Research and Integration Demonstration" of China Southern Power Grid Corporation and a pilot project in the field of smart power transformation.

Guangdong Zhengchao is deeply involved in the project, and strives to create a comprehensive solution of intelligent situational awareness device-level application based on digital twin substation, which provides the foundation for the realization of digital twin technology at the device level of the station.

What is a "digital twin"?

Virtual models are created for physical objects in a digital way to simulate their behavior in the real environment, so as to reflect the whole life cycle process of the corresponding physical equipment.

How does "digital twin" technology work in substations?

Digital twin substation consists of two layers, which are:

Solid layer

Existing in the reality of the physical substation, responsible for the actual power supply;

Virtual layer

Existing in the digital and virtual world, the operation of the physical substation real-time monitoring, timely discovery of potential faults, so as to achieve timely processing, to ensure that the power supply is foolproof.

First application of digital twin display platform

The 220 kV Moduizhou Substation is the first digital twin substation in Guangzhou. The digital twin display platform is deployed for the first time in the station to realize the information convergence display, equipment status analysis and centralized control of the substation, making it the "main controller" of Moduizhou Substation.

In Moduizhou Substation, the "controller" adopts the three-dimensional modeling technology of 1:1 real scene restoration to gather all kinds of information such as real-time operation and historical faults of the substation. With the help of sensors and cameras all over the substation, the operation of the substation can be monitored 24 hours a day.

With the "support" of this technology, Moduzhou Substation can realize the unified management and control of robots, cameras, intelligent access control, temperature and humidity controller and other equipment, and control all kinds of intelligent equipment according to the operation requirements of the substation, which can replace manual inspection, operation, environmental regulation and other businesses, strict management and reliable command. Make the substation intelligent auxiliary equipment to perform their duties, orderly.

Future operating trend

Moduzhou Substation implements "two-way cycle review" when abnormal conditions occur to equipment. Core technologies such as artificial intelligence analysis are used to analyze dynamic data and historical data, diagnose, analyze and inform the health status and abnormal development trend of equipment in real time, and output differentiated and refined overhaul strategies from preventive overhaul to predictive overhaul.

With the gradual promotion of digital substation, the integrated autonomous controllable substation and the integrated background of intrinsic safety technology will play an important role in the digital transformation of power grid.