DFW7-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC cable adapter box (10kV outdoor switch box)
  • DFW7-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC cable adapter box (10kV outdoor switch box)
  • DFW7-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC cable adapter box (10kV outdoor switch box)

DFW7-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC cable adapter box (10kV outdoor switch box)

DFW7-12 Outdoor high-voltage AC cable adapter box (10kV outdoor switch box)

DWF7-12 (F) outdoor switch box, suitable for the rated voltage 12kV, rated frequency 50Hz three-phase AC distribution system for power distribution and control. Widely used in urban industrial parks, residential areas, commercial centers, mining areas, steel, automobile, petrochemical, cement and other large enterprises, underground facilities and other places of power distribution network, flexible combination, simple and convenient connection, can meet a variety of user requirements. Especially suitable for urban power grid transformation project, improve the safety and stability of power supply reliability.

◇ Structure, performance and characteristics of switchgear ◇

;Box for outdoor fully insulated, fully sealed, full working condition type metal closed box structure, small volume, compact structure, easy installation, dust, moisture, corrosion resistance, anti-pollution, strong ability to adapt to the environment, but also has a strong flood control capacity. Safe and reliable operation, maintenance free. It can effectively control, transform and change the operation mode of the power supply line. The electric operating mechanism can be selected according to the demand to realize remote control and distribution automation.

◇ Normal service conditions. ◇

Altitude: no more than 4000 m;

Ambient temperature: upper limit +40℃, lower limit -15℃; The average daily temperature does not exceed 35℃.

Ambient wind speed; Not more than 34m;

Installation site: no serious pollution, smoke, explosion danger, chemical corrosion, steam environment, pollution level is generally not more than Ⅱ.

Note: Where beyond the above requirements, should be negotiated with the manufacturer to determine.

1. Outdoor switch box DFW7-12(F) has passed a full set of type test including high and low temperature test items (including distribution network automation) according to the new standard and high parameter requirements, and passed the SF6 ring network cabinet sample test of Guangzhou Power Supply Bureau;

2. Through the type test of 4000m altitude, it has been widely used in Guizhou, Yunnan and other high-altitude areas, with safe, stable and reliable operation.

3. The supporting ring cabinet has passed the internal arc failure (20kA/0.5s) test and the rated active load current test at zero meter voltage.

4. DFW7 series products have passed the seismic resistance test in accordance with NB/T 20040-2011 "Seismic Identification Test Rules for Safety Grade Electrical Equipment of Nuclear Power Plants", and have been applied in Yangjiang and other nuclear power plants;

5. DFW7-12(F) Outdoor switch box and other 25 distribution network products passed the new product appraisal jointly organized by Guangdong Power Grid Company and Guangdong Machinery Industry Association;

6. It has obtained 7 patented technologies such as invention and utility model, which are "high-tech products of Guangdong Province";

7, beautiful and novel appearance, according to the political situation, environmental protection civilization and other themes, corporate image landscape design, so that the public has a political atmosphere, green environmental protection, beautify the environment, a bright sense;

8. Main primary and secondary electrical components and new technologies and materials of Zhengchao's own brands can be selected to upgrade the functions of intelligent distribution network: