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PubDate:2018-03-20 Author: Sources: Views:10474

In connection with industry 4.0 and Made in China 2025, under the strong support of provincial and municipal leaders, Zhengchao Electric Co., Ltd. takes the lead in introducing PLM core software in the switchgear manufacturing industry, and connects R&D, design, manufacturing and management application software to build a digital information management platform for data integration and information sharing.

Recently, sheet metal production personnel of Cabinet Department have passed the training of PLM System Production On-line Application, which enables them to receive production tasks and register the completion status on PLM system, look for pictures on PLM system for products already on line, view and fill in working hours of all product process documents on computer, which makes the company take a step forward to realize the goal of comprehensive intelligent manufacturing of products.

To achieve full digital product design

Completed the three-dimensional conversion of two-dimensional drawings, established a set of standardized product design resource base in three-dimensional environment, realized the standardization, modularization and serialization of product data, and laid a solid foundation for product change design and research and development technology innovation.

Integrated application from design to production

Three-dimensional design software is used to complete the structural design and simulation assembly, and the defects of product design are discovered in advance. On this basis, the automatic calculation of parts drawings and other production process design are realized. Finally, the digital information management platform is transferred to the designated CNC equipment for processing and production.

The research and development innovation capacity is greatly improved, the research and development cycle is greatly shortened, the manufacturing efficiency is greatly improved, the performance is safe and stable, the operation and maintenance is convenient, has been the government departments concerned and the majority of customers praise, recognition.