Step to a new level The new product of Zhengchao electric charger has passed the provincial identification

PubDate:2018-10-25 Author: Sources: Views:10751

On August 4, 2018, 12 new products of Guangdong Zhengchao Electric Co., Ltd. passed the appraisal on new technology and new products of charger (pile) series jointly organized by Guangdong Machinery Association and Guangdong Power Grid Company. Our company is the first enterprise to pass the appraisal committee!

The three new products of AC charger equipment, DC charger equipment and charging module equipment identified this time are high-performance green series products developed and designed by our company. All of them have passed a full set of type tests conducted by inspection institutions with CMA and CNAS qualifications.

The achievement of this appraisal club is a milestone for our company in the field of electric vehicle charger. Our company will take this as a new starting point, accelerate the pace of automation, intelligent transformation and upgrading, on the premise of creating high-quality products, comprehensive support and perfect after-sales service, to make contributions to the development of the new energy field.